Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Top 10 health and fitness posts for 2011 !

If you are like me you are taking the opportunity of a fresh new year to get your health habits back in place or maybe you want to get healthy for the first time.  Either way I think you will find these posts to be a great help!  Just click on the link for the whole post.

Storing watermelons


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                       5 flat belly moves and nutrition inspiration.

Iron Mountain Climber A

Need more inspiration check out these posts.

Let me know your favorite fitness tips and helps!



Terra said...

Thanks Kristy! I feel awesome about getting my health off the back burner and it's really nice to be around someone else who is health conscious and positive. I really liked the green smoothie post because smoothies are a really easy way for anyone to get a huge amount of nutrients instantly (superfoods are awesome) and I LOVE the energy bars recipe post (I saved it in my favorites for future use :)). Second time trying to post this comment. Let's hope it works!

Pensamentos vida said...

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Insane Detox said...

Hi, I'm glad to be here. You have provided such a nice information regarding to health. As I'm very conscious about my health this information will be very helpful to me as well as other members interested in this topic.

Fitness Freak said...

Very Good compilation, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. said...

So glad you all are finding this useful! HOpe to keep adding health related posts all week!