Saturday, May 28, 2011

DIY Silly Putty Tutorial - Something fun for your Saturday

Here is a little something fun for you to do with the kids today!

I want to share a simple, fun tutorial on how to make silly putty.  It is cheap and easy and makes a great gift for birthdays or any other occasion.   You can mix up any color you choose, add glitter, or tuck a tiny toy inside when gift giving.  It bounces, self levels and is hours of fun.
Heres what we will need  to get started...
1 cup Elmers school glue (this type of glue works the best)
1/2 cup liquid starch
optional- food coloring and or glitter

The first step is to simply put 1/2 cup liquid starch into the bowl.
 Now add the glue.  Be sure to keep the ratio exactly 1 cup glue to 1/2 cup starch as it can get too sticky.  This 1 cup looks a little too full.  

 Now mix it all together.  This stage takes awhile.
 Just keep mixing and eventually it will come together.
Now is when you add the food coloring and or glitter.
 Once it is together enough to handle knead it by hand.  If it feels too sticky just add a little more starch.  
 And that is it!  You now have two big batches of silly putty!  We made one blue and one purple.

My kids are still playing with it days later! 
You will want to store it in jars or plastic containers with lids as it sticks to plastic bags.  You can also store it in smaller batches in left over Easter eggs.

Hope you enjoyed this!  
Come back for more.  I try to post pretty close to every day.  If you make this let me know how it goes.  I love comments!


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Unknown said...

Great idea! I was looking for ways to take kids fingerprint impressions and came across this, sidetracked and loving it :)