Monday, August 13, 2012

Making Your Own DIY Day Planner! Tons of Free Tutorials & Printables!

A good planner is one that you enjoy and suits your needs.  Need a section for homeschool?  How about a blog post section to keep track of you ideas for future posts and schedule them out, as well as all the regular weekly and monthly calendar sections.  I am putting my own together and thought you might enjoy making use of all these free printables I am finding to put it together with.  Adding in fun things like smaller tear out shopping lists, pretty scrap book paper, envelope or pocket pages etc.. add in what you can't just go buy at walmart.  Make it yours!

A variety of great homeschool planners can be found at this roundup of free homeschool planners here at re we there yet?

The homeschool one I used is a simplified planner with just the daily schedule, goals, a list for attendance and list for books read, and curriculum.  It doesn't include a daily sheet for planning each day of work.  I am using the regular week planner for that.
I love these free 2012, and 2013 printable calendar fromCreative Mama This would make a really cute monthly calendar planner or scale it down to fit in your smaller day planner between your weekly pages.

For  the weekly pages I like this printable from Sofia's World

I also love the simplicity and size of this simple free printable weekly planner by Anderson Family Crew.

This great year at a glance calendar covering 2012 and 2013 is from a blog planner by Homeschool Creations and it is page 2 if that is all you want to print from it.

I love this blog post planner another free printable by Confessions of a Homeschooler!  SO CUTE.
Free Menu Planner Printable$Free printable Menu PlannerFree Printable Menu Planner/Grocery List
I have included a list of links to cute  menu planners if you want to include those as well here at Pinterest.

Once you print out the sheets you want to include you can add random pieces of scrapbook paper for notes and cuteness factor, pocket pages, dividers, and anything else you want.  Then you can take it to your local office supply store to have it bound (only $1 here for comb bound!).  Some people make their own cover from cardboard covered in scrap book paper or use a vinyl cover. You also have the option of just using a 3 ring binder or punching holes and using ring clips.

Here are two blogs who did a great job making their own.  I have included them so you can get any inspired ideas from them.

Here is one from Apple Head Threads. I love this detailed explanation on how she made hers and what she included.

Craftee Finished Dividers with Labels
Here is another crafty planner from Craftee that has great ideas for the dividers!

Check out this cute small planner with tutorial from ahhh-design

She also has a great tutorial for binding it yourself HERE!
Have fun and be sure to let me know how yours turns out or if you found any great free printables to add!



Ashley P. said...

CUUUUTE! I was debating purchasing a new planner this year. Decided against the 10.00 generic one just cuz I had a feeling about it. Then, I read your blog. PERFECT! God cares about even the small things because He loves us THAT much! So cool. Thank you for being His vessel. ;)

Kayla Jane Hunsucker said...

I have been looking everywhere online today to find free printable CUTE planners! This is exactly what I am looking for. I love to be creative and have my things customized to fit my personality. So, thank you for sharing! said...

Thanks for the feedback Kayla! Hope you enjoy it! I really like mine!

sjjad110 said...

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