Thursday, May 26, 2011

re-purpose an old armoire or stand alone cabinet into bar, baby closet, garden shed etc...

Here are some great ideas on how you can re-purpose an armoire or stand alone cabinet.  maybe even a chest of drawers with out the drawers (that would require a little work to gut it and line with fabric and add shutters for doors or leave open).   I love these ideas!  Hope you find some inspiration for your old pieces.
drinks bar open
To see more about this armoire turned bar from better homes and gardens click here.

laundry room open
Laundry room in a cabinet by BHG click here.
Check out this armoire for baby's room from Martha Stewart.

garden armoire open
Click here to see more on this storage cabinet turned garden shed from BHG.

Feel inspired? Then go create something!  A few other good ideas I have seen in the past are an office in an armoire, a linen closet, an accessory closet for shoes, belts, etc...  The possibilities are endless.  I would love to hear what you have come up with!  I am still working on my sewing space in an armiore but hubby has to do a few large projects like hang the tv on the wall, take out a swamp cooler and relocate it, patch the whole, etc.. before we can get it upstairs to work on.  He is busy so I am patiently waiting.

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