Monday, May 9, 2011

Armoire to hidden sewing space

For mothers day I asked my husband (MY AMAZING ABLE TO DO ANYTHING HUSBAND) for a project.  We had talked about it before, but I knew if I asked for it for mothers day it would get bumped up the list!  I wanted him to rearrange the furniture and bring up an armoire we have in the downstairs storage to create a sewing space.  To do this he would have to move the swamp cooler that is currently in the wall where the TV will need to hang and repair the hole in the wall where it is currently attached to the house.  As if that is not sizable enough he will also need to paint the wall behind the TV and move the furniture to accommodate the armoire.  All that being said he couldn't do it that day, but it has been bumped up the list to get started on this week!! I can't wait!

So I have been looking for ideas to turn my armoire into a mini disappearing sewing station.  I currently have a sewing space downstairs in the unfinished basement, and we have sort of created a kid space down there, but it isn't great for Cruz our 1yr old and Bella who is 2yrs old.  It makes it hard to get any sewing done as I can't get down there during the day much and at night I would have to leave my husband when I haven't seen him all day.  I think though that if I had an armoire right in the center of the house I could grab nap times and evenings to get some sewing done with out leaving everyone.  So here are some inspiration photos I have seen online.  This first one is from DIY Magazine in a section titled armoire makeovers.  There were lots of fun ideas there.  I love the use of the inside of the armoire doors.  We have a beautiful armiore that I don't want to drill into too much so I was thinking of using those "command strips" to hold up a bulletin board, and a peg board and a magnetic board.  I really like the ribbon storage as well.

This one from Cottage Hill even includes a fold out drop down table!

This Book Case to armoire by Martha Stewart is a really creative idea! I love that it folds up and it all disappears.  Great use for a set of garage sale shelves.  Love the outside too.  Another neat feature is the plexi glass at the bottom that holds the books, papers, folders, etc in place.
I am getting excited!  I will get some pictures posted once I get it done with a mini tutorial in case you have an armoire laying around not getting any use.  Let me know if you have any creative armoire sewing space ideas in the comments.  I LOVE comments!  Let me know you were here and and where you are reading from. Happy day! Kristy

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Liz said...

These are beautiful. I would love to do a project like this sometime, but I think it will have to wait for a while until I finish my other ones. Love the little shelves, desk and storage ideas though. This will definitely be on the list of 'one day I will have'. Thanks for sharing. Liz from