Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wellness Wednesday -by request.. how to get the most exercise out of yard work.

Yard Work 
Loved this comic by Mordant Orange!  But rather than getting out of chores how about making the most of them.  you have to do it anyway so.... Might as well get a work out in! Yard work can be a great workout if you keep yourself moving, concentrate on your muscles and mix in some circuit training.  Raking for example can be a good core and arm workout.  When raking use different motions to target different areas of your body.  If you arms are out in front further you will get more of a shoulder upper back workout, where as if you are keeping your core tight and twisting as you go side to side you will work your obliques and abs.  To get a good ab workout while doing your yard work make sure to keep your core tight and your belly button pulled in.  You can always mix in squats while planting flowers or weeding.  Just be sure to keep your knees behind your toes as you bend down and use your legs being careful of your back if lifting any weight while you do it.  Also remember to be conscious of flexing your muscle that is working whether it be your biceps while pulling weeds in a curl like motion to replicate curls in the gym or flexing your calves while you are on  toes trying to reach something above your head.  Throw in a few extras calve raises when you can.  When digging try to use both arms switching off to keep things even.  When standing to give your back a break if you have been squatted down do a set of jumping jacks or run in place for 2 minutes.  If you break up your down time with some cardio  circuits like the jumping jacks or running in place you will get a great work out.  Interval training (getting your heart rate up and then letting it go back down between sets) CAN BURN UP TO 9 TIMES MORE FAT!!  Just remember that you have to get it up when it is time for the circuits.  Try to work up to 5 min intervals of cardio and sneak more and more in to get a good fat burning workout.  Remember to keep your core tight at all times and keep moving!  You will be fit in no time!

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