Saturday, May 14, 2011

German chocolate...Mush. Not every attempt is a success!

I was pretty happy with how the last post on a DIY $0 cabinet makeover  came out, however it does not always go so smooth.  I thought it would be fun to divulge my cake disaster in an effort to keep it real here.   Hope you enjoy..
I know.. hideous no?
I thought I was making my mom the most beautiful decadent German chocolate cake.  Which if you know me is rare (the decadent part). I cannot bear to cook with all the sugar or all the fat called for in a recipe... almost ever!  In fact I did cut the sugar a little and couldn't help but use a trans fat free olive and vegetable oil spread in place of the butter.  Even so the cake was definitely sin dressed in sugary, coconut goodness! The cakes looked great out of the oven and the frosting was divine with all that shredded coconut and walnuts... Then I tried to get the cake out of the round pan so that I could layer it, when it all came crumbling out.  I added a layer of the gooey frosting and thought I would glue the whole thing together with it and go on with my beautiful top layer.  Only that "beautiful" top layer crumbled into 3 big chunks and I ended up with a big PILE of delicious, albeit ugly, cake and frosting mush! The family enjoyed it anyway and we all had a great time which is what counts! Right?
Kinda hard to see everyone in there.. My mom is in the center holding her delicious pile of a cake.  Then Dahlia my oldest daughter is on the left, Bella my youngest girl is on my moms lap, Pierce the oldest is Peeking in behind me and I am holding our youngest Cruz.  Not the best photo, but still fun!

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