Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jewelry design tray from plastic ware & wooden bead bracelet

Here is a great use for those large yogurt container lids!  They work as layout trays for jewelry so you can design your bracelet or necklace with out beads rolling all over the place.  It is also great for kids so they can see the beads they have to choose from with out losing them all over the table. We store our beads in a jar, but they always want to dump them out to see them all.   The ridge in the sides hold the beads in place so you can lay them out how you like and try different designs before stringing them.

We discovered this when making mothers day bracelets for gifts.  I had just been thinking I didn't want to pay for a layout board but wanted to be able to design my jewelry ahead of time.  This worked fantastic!

The bracelets came out great as well.  Just wooden beads on stretchy jewelry cord.  Great one for the kids to make since they come out beautiful and useful while still being very easy and educational when working with patterns.  

Even my 6 yr old son loves making these for gifts.

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