Monday, May 23, 2011

fabric hair bow tutorial

I first saw these cute Anthropology inspired bows online at make it lovely, and thought that looks easy enough and whipped some up the same day for my girls.  They love them!  They are such an inexpensive and easy project you may have all the supplies right on hand.  OK Here you go...
 The first thing you need is to do is to cut two 2 1/2 in. -3 in. squares of fabric of either the same or coordinating fabrics.
Then turn them right sides in and line them up.  Now just sew three sides together.
  It will look like this.
Then turn it right side out and tuck under the raw edge and top stitch.  I also top stitch the opposite side so that it looks even.  When you are done it will look like this.
(Sorry this photo isn't the best, my camera has been acting up.)
 Now twist the bow so the back side is showing on one side of the bow.  Hold this in place and sew it in the center to maintain the bow shape.
 I also took a piece of ribbon and tied it in the center.  The photo above shows the back side of the bow.
 I then slipped the hair clip into the ribbon right before gluing it.
Now use hot glue to glue the clip to the metal clip.  Optionally I have also found that using a small piece of felt  between the clips top and bottom as a base to glue to works the best.

Now go grab those scraps and make some hair bows!  These make great little presents, or even present toppers just clipped right on.  I would love to see yours when they are finished.

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