Saturday, January 7, 2012

housekeeping - simplified

The theme of this last week has been on getting organized in the home in a doable way so that even the busiest of us can manage it. I gave you the clean heart, clean home challenge, and I have posted on the 15 minute a day method to methodically overhaul all your hidden spaces (closets,drawers,etc...)and now I want to look at the idea of a simple schedule you can memorize. I have successfully used this method in the past and it really helps you stay on top of all the details it is easy to overlook. The idea is to take a look at things you want to get done and seperate them into days of the week. For example here is a look at the schedule I have used and find helpful. Monday - Meal plan Grocerie list Coupon gathering Tuesday - Run errands Grocerie shop Wednesday Clean bathrooms in detail Vaccume Thursday - Kitchen (Wipe down cabinets & any appliances, etc....) Friday - Clean out frige Clean out car Clean out purse The idea is that you add in frequently overlooked chores on a weekly basis so that they get done and with minor upkeep. Believe me if you a stay on top of the frige it becomes an easy chore opposed to a difficult time consuming chore you dread! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! What are your tricks? I love hearing from you all in the comments! Photobucket


Aritha V. said...


On Saturday or Sunday I make my householdplanner and meal planner for the week. On Monday: the living room, the toilets clean, the sink clean and the tables, washing and drying laundry, ironing. Above the three rooms must clean. Boys Room is always a mess after Sunday. In the afternoon I have time for extra things: clean refrigerator. Or a drawer, shelf cleaning etc.

I want the month January give the kitchen a good cleaning.
Bit by bit

Have a blessing suday!

PC said...

I try my best to practice a housekeeping method I learned from my previous job -'s for 1. Sort out unuse items 2.Sweep n clean 3. Set n organize 4. Standardized 5. Sustain.... Oh! #5 is still mission impossible!

kj said...

Toilets? I am supposed to be cleaning toilets? I missed the memo. Plus, I am sure that I am not the one who got it dirty. "Detail" vacuuming? I am lucky if I get the crunched up cheerios off the carpet much less detail vacuuming. Seriously, I do get the idea, if I were to do more of the basic cleaning daily, it would not seem like a such a big job.

kj said...

Menu planning? My new years resolution is to not stare at the freezer at 5 pm, but to choose meat to defrost by noon. said...

Great to hear from all of you! Jedidja great ideas, you too Meijo, and KJ I know you clean those toilets! :) Better yet I have my kiddos do it. The list isn't only for me I am generous. I share my list with the kiddos to help. :)