Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wellness Wednesday Guess what this is...

So we all know we aren't supposed to eat junk food or fast food, but here is a little inspiration for that goal.
I have never been a fast food person but if you still have cravings for it this should help you out!  Believe me it is worse than it looks.

When you hear how they leave the eyeballs, tendons, tissue etc all attached and throw it into a machine that mashes it all up and then pushes it through a sieve till you get this gummy pink mess you will probably not be so tempted in the future!  Because it is so full of bacteria they wash it in (yes I said wash!) tons of ammonia then add artificial color to make it look normal and a bunch of artificial flavor because it tastes so bad due to the contents and the ammonia! Now you do NOT want to eat that.  Even if any company assures you that they no longer use mechanically separated chicken keep in mind they thought it was perfectly fine to serve till they started loosing business from it.  They are NOT interested in offering high quality nutritive food so you should not be interested in feeding their interests with your check book.

Unfortunately mechanically separated chicken is not only in obvious food and I just realized that it is the main ingredient in the chicken stock/bouillon I used to buy! YIKES!! I am convinced it is worth the money to buy a higher quality bouillon or broth.  Glad to be reminded.

Lest you burger eaters are feeling happy with your meat choice let me just show you a picture of what your burger came from.

To make this nice mush they cram animal parts (again any random left over bit makes it in here) into a machine, send it out through a sieve and cover it in ammonia to kill of all the nasty bacteria.  That is what makes up your bologna, hot dogs, tv dinners, and any other unidentified meats!  YUCK! If you are going to eat meat at least eat a real piece of meat that was from one animal (not pieces of many animals) and was cut from it RECENTLY and is identifiable.

Now go eat some delicious veggies to wash this nasty business from your taste buds, but keep it in mind next time your kids ask you for fast food!


Humble wife said...

Excellent and graphic post. Once we began raising our own meats...I understood how horrific the grocery meats were. NEVER again!

Jennifer said...

Most people just don't know since the meat industry is so good at hiding it. Nasty. Home grown would definitely be a much much better option! Good job!

Rachel said...

OMG, I am never eating by McDonalds again! :o said...

Not so tempting anymore is it? Rachel I am with you! If they ever served this they do not care about what they serve as long as they make a buck. YUCK!!