Monday, January 16, 2012

Working on it...

Since Saturday I have been working on a great post of some NEW superfoods for you to try in the coming year.  I know most of you are familiar with the common ones you have heard so much about, but this is a new list of some EXTREMELY healthy (and YUMMY) foods you most likely have not heard too much about.  However I had internet problems this weekend while posting and have lost the post 4 times!! So needless to say  it has been very time consuming, but it is coming along and it should be worth the wait! I have half of it done now but being as it is almost midnight and I am exhausted I will have to finish it another time (soon).  A day of homeschool and 5 young kids ( I babysit for a friend) awaits me early tomorrow!
Photo courtesy of men womens health article
Here is a teaser to keep you busy in the meantime...
See if you can unscramble the names of these 10 new superfoods that I will explain in great detail in  my later post.  Better yet give them to your homeschooler to figure out. :)

  1. rekfi
  2. labrey
  3. aich deses
  4. locolbir rpstsuo
  5. majici
  6. Klacb racgli
  7. ase sveabesgetl 
  8. aoqiun
  9. ebe enlopl
  10. turitnlanio ayets  
Let me know your best guess!



Rachel said...

Wow, never heard of any of that! :) said...

Rachel I hope I didn't confuse you, but the ideas was that until the post is done you are supposto unscramble the words and then you will most likely have heard of them. Sorry for the confusion. The post on these superfoods (unscrambled :) )will be done in the next few days and explains the health benefits of each food and how to use it. :) Check back soon or try to unscramble them :)

Ashley P. said...

My best guesses. It's late so forgive me...:P

black ?
sea ?
bee pollen

Ahh! That's it for now. Can't wait to read all about it! said...

Ashley you are really close! You got everything right except for the Chai! Still working on this post it is taking me forever! Sorry! said...
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trudy said...

kefir-----???----chia seeds------brocolli ??---jicama---black ?????-- sea vegetables---quinoa---bee pollen ---- ?????? yeast said...

Trudy very close!! Man I need to finish that post! I will get on it when the kids go to bed tonight.
Thanks for playing ;)