Thursday, January 19, 2012

DIY BEAUTIFUL silverware jewelery on a dime...literally!!

Now are these not the COOLEST thing you have ever seen?  You have to go check out Kirsten Erickson's blog to see the full directions (very necessary to save you some frustration) , but it looks amazing.  I hope to try this soon!  I just need some real silver-ware.  The creator of these beautiful rings said she paid .10 each for her silverware ( I promised you could do this on a dime!), and she warns it does not work with stainless steel .  Real silver silverware has a "900" or a "925" on the back and you can use plated silver as well.  Read down through her comment section too if you still have questions as she answers a lot of common questions down there. Yeah on my way to the thrift store tomorrow! 
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How about some awesome bracelets to go with your new beautiful ring...
If you can master the ring the bracelet should be doable.  Then again the non crafty yet stylish girls can just go buy these ones below on etsy and support a crafter.

Antique Fork Bracelet - Size SMALL 5-6 inch wrist - Heart Design Numer 3
Unique Recycled Silver Fork Bracelet in Original Whimsical Circles Design Number Five
both of these available  from etsy shop Marchello Art

I love this unique an creative bracelet I found on pinterest as well.
This is available on green products and gifts if you choose not to try and make it.

How about a beautiful pendant?  This one looks fun to try!
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from here in the waiting place
What are you waiting for?  Go find some silver silverware and give it a try!  If it works out for you send me some! Ok, just kidding, but I have a small wrist and small finger if you needed to know that for any reason ;) ;)


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