Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Quick easy weight loss tip....

There are so many special diets, diet pills, food plans to order,  you name it.  But this simple trick is free and easy.  I should say easy to understand harder to implement.
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You would be amazed how much drinks add up calorie wise.  Unless we are talking about freshly squeezed or extracted fruit and vegetable juices you juice at home for a specific health boost the addition of calories is just not worth it. This doesn't have to be a forever rule but if you are wanting to drop a few pounds painlessly this is a great trick! Skip that hazelnut breve mocha in favor of water or herbal tea and you skip a GIANT calorie load.  There is so much sugar and usually an array of added caffeine, colors, artificial sweeteners and additives that replacing them with water is a much better option! Even "healthy" sounding drinks like Gatorade still pack a hefty punch in the sugar department.  Worse yet are the flavored "water" drinks sweetened with splenda or crystal light that use dangerous artificial sweeteners!  Water is definitely the way to go.  It fills you up, gives your body the necessary means to flush out fatty deposits and is great for you skin just to name a few health benefits!  I have posted a deeper look at sweeteners natural and otherwise here in the Sweet stuff line up if you are looking for more information on natural sugar substitutes or concerning artificial sweeteners.

So remember replace your regular drinks with water and your body will thank you later!  Hopefully sooner than later!  Let me know how it goes.


Cheryl@OntheOldPath said...

This is soo true and a great reminder. I drink low sodium club soda to mix things up a bit because I love the fizz without the calories and artificial sweeteners. said...

I love that trick too Cheryl. Good thinking! Sometimes for a treat I will mix the soda water with a little juice to still be getting the special drink without all the unnatural junk and with much much fewer calories. But still soda water and straight water are definitely best for weight loss and improved health. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I Love it when I hear from you guys!

jack said...

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