Friday, January 27, 2012

Want To Buy: MFW my father's World curriculum

I have been working on my follow up post on the rest of the "10 new superfoods for 2012" but as a busy homeschool mama of 4 little ones I am tired and want to finish that when I can really do a good job so in the meantime I am looking for some curriculums from My Father's World.  I thought I would post a request here in case any of you Jesus and mission loving homeschool mamas have any of the My Father's World Curriculums you are no longer using and want to sell.  I have 4 kids on a tiny budget so I am looking for a good deal on some used materials if you have them.

Most interested in 
MFW 1st grade.
"Adventures in My Father's World"
However please let me know if you have any of them for sale.  Thanks!  I figure with all you homeschool mamas that read my blog somebody might have some for sale.
Rod and Staff Spelling by sound and structure year 2 would be good too, as well as primary language lessons if anyone has that.

I also have some Abeka homeschool things for sale or swap.  All with no markings.  Mostly year 6 books with LOTS of teachers manuals. Some other grade level books as well to sell by Abeka and I have some 8th grade materials for Abeka as well.  Various odds and ends for sale or swap  in case you want to inquire about something particular.
If you homeschool and love a fun, Biblical, missions minded curriculum you will love this one.  Check it out at

I am tired and beat so I am headed to bed but hope you all have a great look around their site.  If any of you have used their curriculum I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.  I have a soon to be 5 year old who will be using the 1st grade curriculum next year and a second grader (7) now that will be in 3rd when we start Exploring Cultures and Countries.  I also have a 1 and 2 year old who both have birthdays in April.  I am curious about how to get them all on the same cycle or at least trying to get only 2 curriculums going at once as opposed to 4 in the coming years.  Any advice with experience in My Father's World as far as the cycles go?



Blu Grey said...

I have MFW 1st grade! We will finish out our year in a month. We really enjoyed their first grade program. I also have Primary Language Lessons. My e mail is if you still are looking for them.
I just found your blog from a comment you made on Granola Mom's site. I'm looking forward to reading more! said...

Mandy I am interested please email me the details with what you have included etc..the prices including shipping etc.. I tried to email you so please email me at thanks!