Saturday, July 30, 2011

Green smoothie guide and tips for whole foods eating!

Here is a great guide to making green smoothies.  You can customize it for whatever your needs are and what you have on hand.  A wonderful way to start your morning and set the tone for a day filled with healthy eating.

I have recently been trying to get back to really focusing on healthy eating and working out.  I am currently working out 5 days a week.  See my personal fitness plan here.  I have found a lot of research that is pointing to a whole foods plant based diet and am trying to incorporate that.  Two book you might like to read are by Brendan Brazier a professional iron man Triathlete.  They include a look at recovery and fitness nutrition based on a whole foods plant based diet.  I am not a Vegan and am not pushing that, but making the bulk of your meals focused on this way of eating can be nothing but a boost to your health.  Personally I still eat fish and the occasional dairy (like some cheese) but try to aim for mostly grain and veggie based meals.  
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I am alos subscribed to (free of course)
Thrive in 30
 "Thrive in 30 is a free 30-day online wellness program focusing on plant-based nutrition and offering a fresh approach to total body health. Sign up now to receive 12 email lessons on different key health-enhancing topics including lifestyle tips and short video segments with vegan Ironman triathleteBrendan Brazier."

Here are some additional resources for recipes and tips on whole foods eating..

See the free diet and fitness planner sheets I posted earlier on my blog here.  I use these to be intentional about the way I eat and how much water I drink. I do not believe in restrictive starvation diets or life consuming diets.  Mentally you have to be able to handle the diet and still enjoy life. Tracking what you are eating and when is a great way to help you shed some unwanted weight or just improve your overall health.

How are you doing on your diet and exercise goals this summer? What sorts of things would you like to see here to help you reach your goals?  



Beauty and The Green said...

I just started my health and fitness journey 6 weeks ago so this is fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing. said...

I am so glad it is helpful! There is a great free printable workout and diet log I posted you will want to find and print. It is under the label health and fitness and also under freebies! There should be tons of resources for you here just look around! Blessings! Kristy