Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cheap and easy DIY Firepit!

We have been working on back yard recently.  We installed sod as it was a small back lawn and it is so late in the season.  To add usability and interest we are adding two 1/3 circles of rock and cement patio into the back two corners of the yard.  In one corner we are placing the table and chairs with umbrella, and on the other we want to create a fire pit surrounded by seating.  So I have been looking online for ideas and I found this fire pit on.... you guessed it PINTEREST.

 Fawn of the blog Always Chasing Life created this beautiful fire pit for under $30!  She said the pavers were cheap at Lowes and since we don't plan on using a bowl (we will be building it onto a rock patio space) I think it sounds very doable pricewise!  The best part?  It is almost instantaneous!

diy firepit for $30
Check out her blog for the full how to and let me know what you think!  I will get pictures of our back yard in progress up soon.  Happy day!


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April said...

Fun! I've been wanting to do a fire pit too! Can't wait to see yours!