Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Some of the most beautiful scenery in Colorado!

Had a great time at a wedding this weekend in Vail!  We took out little '83 Toyota Dolphin RV (aptly named "flipper") and 8 hours later we were in Vail with all 4 kids still in tow. Happy to say we did not at any point throw any of them out the window no matter how we were tempted!  There is always the chaos of travel whenever kids are involved, but it really didn't go too bad. We all had a great time once were there and the kids made new "best friends"  so that was fun.
The wedding was  gorgeous!  The scenery was to die for.  We used to live in Vail and that is where my husband and I met and every time we return we miss it all over again!  Piney is a 45 min drive from vail straight up into the mountains.  After a bumpy windy slow trip you are rewarded with these spectacular views.

Anyway, that is why I haven't posted as much in the last few days. I have lots of crafty posts in store! Check back soon!


Zerique said...

I would love to post a tutorial on your blog. let me know!!!!
Also...great blog. I really love your posts. I am also your newest follower!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! said...

Hi Zerique, email me from my email me button and that way I will have your email address to let you know the requirement for guest posts. Thanks :)