Sunday, July 17, 2011

Suffering from "mom hair"? Meet the sock bun that changed my life...

Who does not want to be more glamorous with less work?  I do!  I have had long hair for a while and was contemplating cutting it all of because I felt like I have "mom hair".  Every photo I would look at of mine had bad hair!  I do not want to have mom hair.  So I decided if I want to have long hair then I needed to find ways to do it. Spending a lot of time with a curling iron was not an option.  Moms often have mom hair for a reason... They are too busy chasing kids to worry about their hair.  With 4 kids 6 and under to chase I had to come up with some good solutions.  Here is one of my favorites since it is so versatile.

So here is what I found... THE SOCK BUN THAT CHANGED MY LIFE!

Now I would love to say how I used this technique and immediately met the man of my dreams, but I already have him, and that I got the job I have always wanted, but I already have that too as a mom who gets to stay home with her kiddos.  A luxury not everyone is able to enjoy.

So here is the real scoop... I saw this photo on pinterest with no credit as to who took it, but titled "sock bun curls".  "YES YES!!" I said and promptly looked up sock bun.  I discovered something amazing... heat free curls!  You just use the sock bun technique at nigh and sleep in it (you do it on the top of your head so it is comfortable), and when you wake up and take it out you get these curls.  It sounded too good to be true but IT WORKED!! My hair had long beautiful curls and it really was easy once you practice a few times.

Check out the following video on how to do a sock bun.  VERY helpful.

Here is a tutorial on how to do the sock bun as a style in itself from Cheeky Chicago

Another example of a great sock bun worn as a style all on its own.

Find a sock to cut and go get glamorous!


Adrienne Audrey said...

wow! Your hair looks amazing!

Ryan & Carly said...

This video makes me think I could actually grow my hair out again AND have it actually look good! Hmm...I may have to give it a shot! :) said...

Thanks for the comments ladies! Love hearing from you guys! Kristy