Monday, August 29, 2011

Homemade energy & protein bars- LOTS of recipes!

Just typing the title made me hungry and I had to go have some of my homemade "lemon treats" as whole foods market calls them.  YUMMY!  They are basically like a lara bar in truffle form rolled in coconut, similar to the key lime pie flavor.  Easy as pie.. easier actually! Did I mention that they are perfect for a raw foodist, but don't let that discourage you if you are not into healthy food!
Moving on to the AMAZING bevvy of energy, protein, snack bars!  The best part these are truly healthy, low in any processed sugar if any and loaded with nutrients!

Don't go away... there are so many more and they just keep getting more interesting!

Click here for the 6 ingredient recipe that takes literally minutes to make.

Great twist on granola bars. Get the recipe here.

Saved some of the most interesting exciting recipes for last!
Lara bar copycat

All-Natural Chocolate Brownie Power Bars (Raw, Vegan, No Added Sugar)

PB&J lara bar taste a like!

Chocolate Black Bean Power Bars (No-Bake, Vegan, & Easy--Allergy Free Option)
I would love to know what you guys think!  Leave me a comment.  I am so excited to make all of these and have some healthy fun options on hand that are yummy and all natural!


Ashley P. said...

Going to try the Clif bars. My WHOLE family loves the store bought ones so I'm pretty excited! Thanks for yet another...great blog mamacita. Hope to see you again soon! said...

So glad this post was a help. :) I made the black bean chocolate ones and the kids LOVED them. I need to make the larabars tomorrow. Come see me whne you are in town!

lancy said...

Thanks,This blog is very nice and helpful for us.

Protein Bars said...

Thanksd Lancy! I love hearing if the post is helpful! Thanks so much have a great day and hope you try them all and find a few favorites! kristy

Monty James said...

All recipe are delicious and easy to make it.. Specially i love lemon treats flavor protein. I will be back tomorrow for collect more information of recipe related....Thanks

high protein bars said...

Glad you found something you like Monty! I love those lemon treats as well!! I hope to keep adding new healthy recipes as I find them. Share some other great recipes with me if you find some somewhere else. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

Marcy Payne said...

My mouth is watering and I am so excited for some new recipes. I am going to try a few. The black bean one makes me go "hmm?" but I will admit the picture looks amazing!