Monday, August 22, 2011

Pierce's 7th Birthday party Star wars style!

We had a star wars birthday party for my 7 year old son.  He LOVED it! We had it at the local park that has a water fountain for kids to play in and that was the perfect spot.  The kids could run off and play and no one was bored and I didn't have to plan too many party games to occupy everyone.  
I made sure to take a photo of all 4 of my kids PRE-party because I knew post party they would all be a mess!  Cruz on the left did NOT want to give up his light saber for the photo!  We made 20 light sabers for almost nothing with 10 pool noodles (on sale for $7 total) cut in half and a roll of black ad silver duct tape to create the handles.
The one party game we did play was "bomb the death star".  We drew the death star in chalk and then let the kids bomb it with water balloons till all traces of it had been washed away. Simple, easy, cheap and fun!
 The kids LOVED this and it gave them the change to play with water balloons and not kill each other. We tried a water balloon fight for a while but all the young kids were crying cause they were getting clocked in the face with water balloons and it stung.  This was a much better solution!
When the boys weren't in the water fountain and had run out of water balloons the light sabers kept them occupied.  This was the boys take home gift  in lieu of party favor bags and they were a HUGE hit.
I made a storm trooper out of a double layer round cake with marshmallow fondant.  I used my FAVORITE cake recipe called crazy cake that has NO eggs, butter, or milk and it is DELICIOUS.  We discovered the recipe while living overseas on a remote island in the South Pacific that limited access to these things.
I will do a tutorial on the cake when I get a chance.  Not because I think mine came out perfect but because a tutorial on this cake would have helped me a lot!  I am by NO means a cake master!  This was a classy fairly simple cake that anyone could pull off.  My son LOVED it, and that was the important part.
My other son loved the cupcakes we made with the same cake recipe.  Although he can't really talk yet at 1 he was able to clearly communicate with his grandma that he did indeed NEED another cupcake.

I can't believe he is already 7 now and Dahlia my second oldest is 4 1/2!  Time does fly when you are having fun!.
Here is an action shot of some of the boys playing with their light sabers in the fountain.  Everyone had a ball and I really didn't have too much planning to do since they were so occupied with the light sabers and fountain.  It made for an inexpensive fun and easy star wars birthday party!
Of course my husband and I had to duke it out.  I think I won of course, although he might give you a different story!   In the end I went home with 4 tired out kiddos ready for a rest and almost no cleanup!  The perfect ending to the perfect party.


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Drew Watts said...

Outdoor parties are the best. I have also shortlisted some of the outdoor San Francisco venues for my son’s birthday party. Happy birthday to this kid. I am sure it was fun; the pictures say it all. I am still thinking of some good games and outdoor fun activities. Can you help me with some?