Sunday, September 4, 2011

What if you keep a family from starvation for $144 a year?

Mathew 25:24

Last year I knew that one of the important places I wanted to give to on a regular basis was to a hunger project.  When we are surrounded by a myriad of need it is easy to overwhelmed and not give anywhere.  There are Jerry's Kids, cancer fund raisers, human trafficking raid missions, adopting and medical needs in your community, salvation armies, animal shelters, pregnancy centers, foreign missionaries and countless other GOOD and legit needs presenting you with the opportunity to give.
This is a child...OUR child.
Pray for those starving right now!  YOUR PRAYERS MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
How do you decide who to give to and how much?  Should you give at all?  It can be so overwhelming and you may feel like your part was just a drop in the bucket.  Do you only give to who ever happens to be presenting their need to you?  It is so hard.
What we have decided to do is pick a feeding project that we have thoroughly looked into.  We checked the overhead costs and percentage of our donation that went dirrectly to feeding the hungry.  We then feel free to say no to opportunities to give that don't touch our heart so that we can focus our giving in a way that makes it much more substantial.  We now give to that organization on a monthly basis in the form of a monthly withdrawal.  Because we don't give to every little thing that presents itself we are able to give a much bigger chunk We looked into several and ended up going with "Food for the Poor" for several reasons.  The first being the very low overhead, so that the money we give goes directly to actually feeding the poor not paying office fees.  I know that overhead does exist but I would like my donations to go toward the aim not all be sucked up in office fees.  I also checked with the better business bureau to make sure they were legit and had a good reputation.
I wanted to post about his now because we are going into the holiday season soon where the opportunities to give are endless.  And while there are many good causes WE CANNOT FORGET THE HUNGRY, THIRSTY, DYING children and families all over the world.  HUNGER HAS A CURE!! We don't have to search for a cure!  A very inexpensive cure...FOOD!  I hope that you will consider becoming a part of the solution.
I understand tight finances (4 kids, no steady pay...), but I want to encourage you that sacrificial giving is worth it.  What if you do have to take it out of your check before your netflix dues or what if you have to skip the extra gallon of ice cream so that you can give to help a poor child just survive another day.

This is directly from FOOD FOR THE POOR
URGENT Support Needed for Feeding

Please help little Luis todayOne year ago, 6-year-old Luis Tol weighed 28 pounds. Today, he has deteriorated to a mere 14 pounds. The nutritional center and hospital in charge of Luis’s care desperately needs your support as they lack the food, medicines and updated technology that you can help provide. Please make your most generous gift today to help bring innocent children like Luis back from the brink of death. 

 $36.00 -- feeds a child for a year

$75.00 -- provides 375 lbs rice & beans

$144.00 -- feeds a family for a year

I wouldn't aks you to do anything I am not already doing so please join me in being a voice for the poor and hungry.. GIVE and spread the word of how others can join you!

Another AMAZING group we try to be INTENTIONAL about giving to is Internationa Friends of Compassion .

 We have gone and worked with them first hand in Indonesia and seen their AMAZING efforts with the lepers, sick, orphaned, the burned and abused.  They carry the love of Christ into everything they do and EVERYONE they interact with is treated with the utmost love and respect  no matter what age, illness or level of poverty.


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