Saturday, September 10, 2011

FREE homeschool helps! part 1

I have been saying for awhile now that I would compile a list of free homeschool helps with links but haven't done it yet for you guys.  SO here it is!  Hope this is helpful!

Here is a great Charlotte Mason style help that has
Printable manuscript copy work sheets (hymns, poetry, scripture)

This is one of my all time favorites as it has worksheets in almost every subject that you can print off for free.  No need to buy big busywork books.  Plus you can customize a lot of the worksheets.  These are great for your morning baskets that I explained earlier here.
Printable worksheets for math, handwriting (customizable), English, word searches, Geography etc...

worksheets plus  is a great source of printables for every subject.  I just printed off the vocab worksheets I plan on using tomorrow.  There are a lot of fun grade appropriate crosswords and other games to keep you kiddos interested while working on language arts.

I also just printed off these month at a time list of journal prompts from 2nd grade is splendid to use weekly to keep writing assignments fun and interesting!

A fun approach for spelling is to have the kids read it, stamp it, and write it.

You can find these printables at mama-jenn a great blog FULL of fun and useful printables and good ideas!
Teach your kids to type using this free online game style system from BBC .

Let your kids enjoy listening to stories.  You can find a HUGE list of reading websites here that read stories for our kiddos.  Choose a story for them and then do a comprehension quiz later.

A journal jar is a great way to add excitement to writing assignments.  You can print off these colorful journal writing prompts here from Teaching with TLC.

Looking for fun games to help with the reading process?  There are great online educational games for reading using phonics at Starfall. PBSKids and PBSkidsgo also have a huge selection of learning games.  All of these are fun educational safe places to send you kids online.

Another great resource is homeschool views as they offer free printables, journals and record keeping helps and whole unit studies to print off!

So that ought to keep you busy for awhile!  I will do parts 2 and 3 later, but for now you should have plenty of things to discover.

have a favorite?  Please let me know!  I love comments!  Nice to know who is reading and what is interesting to you all. :)


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