Thursday, September 15, 2011

Still dealing with mom hair? More hair help.

The sock bun was a huge hit so I thought I would share a couple other ideas to keep you inspired and away from the everyday ponytail.  Don't get me wrong I resort to the ponytail on occasion as well, but I am trying to make it less and less frequent  I NEVER have time for complicated hair styles or curling or blow drying, so I found these when looking for easy solutions to good looking hair in a short amount of time.

"The Simple Gibson Tuck" 
Easy instructions and full video found at  Sara Lynn Paige

She also another great hair tutorial for
  "The simple Up Do"
hairstyle updo v. 3
This photo is her photo of version 2 of the up do.
 Another easy to follow video is found here,

I love easy ideas for hair and I have more coming soon  like the one I am currently using all the time. It is great for a cute pulled together look when it is up and when taken out it gives you  beachy waves .  Still need to have hubby take photos and then I will post.  Any other ideas for great hair in short amount of time?  Let me know!  I love comments!


Unknown said...

it is cute, but I like the sock bun. I never heard of it until I started to follow your blog. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment. my fav is the sock bun and the one I have coming up next week or so when I can get photos! Kristy

Gluten Free Recipes said...

Thhanks for sharing this