Monday, September 5, 2011

Tutorial for matching kids reversible apron and chef hat!

 First of all can I just say how ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE my daughter is?
 Being as Christmas is just around the corner and we could all use more birthday gift ideas I wanted to share this great set of tutorials with you.   I made this set of matching reversible apron and chefs hat from a couple of different tutorials and some altering.  Bella my 2 year old was modeling it for me, but since she is only two and it is for an 8 year old so you can see that it is a little big for her. It was just right for the eight year old.
 I used canvas type home decor fabric as it holds it's shape so nicely and does not require any interfacing, but you can use quilting fabric if you like with some interfacing in the hat.  I used the chefs hat tutorial from Michael Miller Fabric found here (you have to click on the link on the right side of the page).  It was pretty easy to follow and I was really happy with it.  I would probably use a smaller circle of fabric for the top of the hat next time as it seemed like a bit much when it was done.  Just my personal preference.
Now the apron is where I started to do my own thing a little bit.  I followed the basic child's apron pattern as a guideline but just used the measurements they gave to design my own pattern.  Once I had the basic measurements drawn out I used a plate to round off the side of the pattern to give my pattern a rounded bottom edge instead of the square corners on the original pattern.  I also skipped the large rectangular pocket of the original in favor of a cute embellished rounded pocket sewed on at an angle.   Click here for the basic childs apron pattern that I altered from Michael Miller Fabrics. (again you now have to click on the link on the right hand side of the page.)
Here you can see that I did not sew straps at all but used coordinating ribbon to for style and to cut down on the sewing time and material needed.
 To create the pocket I cut two rounded pocket shapes and placed them right sides together and sewed them together around the sides and bottom.  I then flipped them right side out and ironed them.  From there I created a cute little bow out of bias tape I made.  Then I covered the top of the pocket with the bias tape careful to enclose both the inside piece and outside piece and sewed it in place.  Next I attached the bias tape bow I made.  Then simply attached the pocket to the apron at an angle BEFORE I SEWED the front and back of the apron together.   I did this on both sides in the coordinating fabric so that both sides of the apron were completed. Form there I continued with the directions in the above tutorial.
This is a view of the other side of the apron. I am not sure which I like best, as tjhey both came out great!
Love my little Bella girl what a cutie she is. She looks ready to take on a modeling career in this one!

Hope someone special gets this cute set from you soon.  Love to hear how yours turn out!


April said...

Cute! And your model is adorable!! said...

Why thank you April! I hope to sew as well as you do one day. Have a great week! Kristy

Joanne Kennedy said...

The apron is so cute but I just ADORE your little girl. She is so darling. said...

Thanks Joanne! WE ADORE her too! She is eating it up! She walks around the house sometimes saying "say cheese" while she pretends to take our photo with a toy car, pretend phone or whatever else is lying around at the right moment! She cracks me up.