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As of today IT IS ON and I pitty anyone not on my team!  I just started a month long weight loss, fitness game called "The Game On Diet! Kicking your friends butt while loosing yours!".  The best part is that it is FUN.  I HATE, ABHOR, etc... any diet or restrictive eating plan.  I have always been a firm believer in eat healthy and moderately and you will be fine. Which is true, but if you want to loose that last 5-10 lbs, and get ripped for summer you need to put a little more into it. And well, to be honest I really want to work on my strength, flexibility, and toning for my hip hop class.  If I want to learn the freezes I need the power and flexibility to get there.
hiphop, dance, freeze, breakdance
I want to do this! 
So what is at stake and what are the rules you ask? Well there is a whole book to line it all out, but I will try to break it all down for you, so you can play with your friends and shed your winter weight or just uncover your lean muscle.

We have each put in a certain amount of money per person so there is a large prize pot to be split by the winning team.  However it could be a prize that involves something money can't buy like a dinner of the winners choosing plus a loud and embarrassing serenade, car pool duty or a coveted electronic device, or anything you choose that is really worth striving for and painful to loose.  We have 3 teams of 2-3 players each and the scores are averaged weekly so that the team numbers do not need to be even.
The Game on Diet
Check out the authors website for great tips, food lists, etc..
A minimum of 20 min of a heart pumping, hard breathing workout. Some of us are playing with a minimum of 30 min per day with weights included. MAKE IT WORK HARD FOR YOU whatever time you choose.
Free food and exercise journal to print off here
5 small meals including protein, carbs, and fat plus veggies. Some of us are eating 6 if we are working out harder as you need to fuel your muscle growth.Read this post for ideas of 10 new superfoods to eat. or read this for healthy eating 101.
NO white sugar or white flour (read this post here about natural sugar substitutes)
NO fried foods or fatty processed meats
NO butter or margarine  (Use coconut oil read more here or limited olive oil.)
NO alcohol
NO SNACKS (NONE PERIOD) between meals (celery and cucumbers are the only exceptions)
This is just plain hard when you are making snacks for kids all day long!

You must get 7+ hours a night.

You must drink 3+ liters a day.

Just be in touch with anyone on your team or even a trash talking email to your opponent will do. Anything to keep you in the game and enjoying it!

You get points for completing one new habit you decide on at the beginning of the game.  For example, you could choose 30 min. of journaling daily, a certain number of chapters in the Bible you want to read daily, doing community service, organizing for 20 min a day, or anything you want to work on personally.

This is where you get to work on quitting something that you know is not in your best interest.  You could choose anything from smoking to eating after 9 pm.  You know what you can handle and what is just too overwhelming.

You do get one free meal a week and one whole free day a week.
Plus a free 100 calories of whatever EXCEPT soda, diet soda, and alcohol.

You can find scorecards online but buy the book for the scorecards and you get a whole lot of inspiration, a deeper explanation, food ideas, 20 minute workout plans that will leave you dying on the floor in a heap, and a lot more!

If you are like me the one thing that will really make the difference is the TEAMWORK, COMPETITION of it and the MORAL SUPPORT of friends on the same journey.  The facts that I could let my teammate down if I eat that snack adds a whole new dimension to it as does the BRAGGING rights of course! Any of you played this before?  What where your results?  Inspire us!

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