Wednesday, March 21, 2012

3 Calorie Blasting 20-30 minute living room workouts!

So if you know me or have been following my blog you know that I just started a very competitive game of "The GAME ON diet!".  I outlined all the rules in my last post HERE if you want to check it out.
One of the main components is a requirement to do 20 min a day of a hard workout.  I am doing a minimum of 30 a day and so I have been looking up workout inspiration.  I want to use my 30 minutes in the MOST efficient way possible.  One way is to add weights, and work more than one body part at a time.  These 3 living room workouts fit the bill.  You only needs some dumbbells and you are good to go!  I like to use  my kitchen timer as well when I am doing intervals.

All 3 of these workouts burn calories, work more than one body part at a time, and make the best use of your time!



Lunge Shoulder Press exercise

Don't have time to go through the whole workouts and copy them now? 
 Do some interval training to use your 30 minutes most efficiently. Here is what I do when I am not doing one of these set workouts.  I start my timer for 30 minutes, then alternate cardio moves at a heart pumping sweaty pace for 1 minute with a 10 second break (stretch), then one weight lifting move for the next minute being sure to keep my heart rate high.  To make this work you need to really push it when you are are in the cardio or weight minute, and do double duty whenever you do the weight lifting moves.

Like this...
1 minute jumping jacks
10 second leg stretch
1 minute walking squats with dumbbell press (pictured on the last workout)
10 second upper arm stretch
1 minute high knees
10 second triceps stretch
1 minute push ups
10 seconds back stretch
1 minute mountain climber
10 seconds leg stretch
1 minute dumbbell rows switching arms in the middle
10 second stretch
1 minute jump rope (pretend you have one :) ) 
10 second stretch

Just keep alternating and in 30 minutes you will have had a hard core, super effective, workout!


Honeybee said...

Great. I want to take this as a challenge. Already bookmark your site.


fitness said...

I don't get this. "I like to use my kitchen timer as well when I am doing intervals.
" Could you please enlighten me on this? I keep following all your posts hope you can regularly post more. I get very useful information here. Thanks for havingthis. said...

Hi, Fitness I am sorry you were confused about the timer. What I meant was that I use my kitchen timer set for 30 min, then I watch it for the intervals. If I want to do 2 min of strenght training before the next 2 min of cardio I watch the timer to let me know when the 2 min of strength are up so I can start the 2 min of cardio. It is just a tool to help me keep track of the intervals and the overall time. Hope that helps and I am glad you are finding this useful! Kristy

Unknown said...

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