Thursday, March 8, 2012

FREE online "Threads" (sewing) magazine! & a preview of what is coming soon!

I was thrilled to get this in my inbox today!  I love to sew and am really only a beginner but I love learning more and more so that I can advance to more difficult projects.  I am currently sewing a simple sundress and a few workout tank tops.  Anyway I wanted to pass this on to all of you aspiring seamstresses.
I have only gotten to peak in it as today is crammed full of things I need to do yet.  My younger kids are napping and the older ones are playing play-dough, so I better go get my workout done before I am needed! I gotta stay on top of my points to win the "Game On Diet" game we have going!

Here is a sneak preview of what is coming up soon on my blog...

  • Non-dairy triple berry coconut milk ice cream with no refined sugar,
  •  DIY cough syrup you can make at home with only a few simple ingredients, 
  • DIY makeover including links to makeup tutorials, Free sewing patterns, and DIY hair ideas, 
  • list of FREE homeschool resources available online. 
So stay tuned and I will try to get the ice cream post done soon as I made it last night and it is DELICIOUS!

Get prepared by getting your coconut milk (or anything else you want) now,
Free from Vitacost with a free $10 coupon HERE!!

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