Monday, March 19, 2012

Bless an orphanage in Ethiopia through an adoptive mom headed over there!

My dear friends Lisa and Matt with their adopted daughter Koral.  They are currently headed to Ethiopia in the beginning of April to go adopt their long awaited son!

I met Lisa years ago when we were both in Vanuatu (an island in  the South Pacific ).   
Modeling the kids apron and chef's hat I made.  Tutorial for the apron and chef's hat here..
We had moved to do mission work there and adopted  our BEAUTIFUL daughter Bella there who is now 2 years old.  You can read her story here. 
Her (Lisa's) brother was working as a missionary there as well and a door opened for them to adopt too.  To date there have only been 5 adoptions to the US from there according to the USCIS statistics.  So this was an amazing blessing to get to have another American girl adopting the same time!  We had some great times and she was such a blessing to my life.  Now they are adopting their 2nd child who is a little boy from Ethiopia!  How exciting is that.  After a year of saving, fundraising, praying and tears they are finally going to go see their little boy in Ethiopia!  Since they are going they are taking the opportunity to be a blessing to the orphanage and collect as many financial donations as they can to take over to fund some of the needs of the orphanage.  
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Here is the list of orphanage donations needed :

·         nipples for bottles (needed everywhere)
·         hand towels
·         crib sheets – cribs in ET are smaller than standard size so we need small flat sheets.
·         toddler toys
·         chewable children’s vitamins
·         scrubs in size small and medium (for nannies)
·         umbrella for guards (4 centers)
·         shirts for guards (medium)
·         Depends for the widows at the W&OH
·         cloth diapers (pre-folded)
·         diaper covers and plastic pants
·         shorts for boys (size 2, 3, 4)
·         size 1T, 2T, 3T clothes
·         baby wipes
Their suitcases are full as they are already taking over some of the items on the list, but they can bring over cash to fund these needs.  If you are feeling compassion for these little ones and can donate please go HERE to donate and mention it is for the orphanage needs.  THANKS so much.  I know that I have a compassionate and generous readership so I wanted to share this need in hopes that as a community of crafty healthy blog readers we can make a difference even as far away as Ethiopia!  I will be giving too.  THANKS !!! 

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Lisa said...

YOU are AWESOME!!! God bless my sister and thanks so much for helping! they will be so blessed and I pray that God blesses you in return!!! Love yous :)