Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wellness Wednesday- Mad abs March & Cardio Pandora stations

Hope fully you all have not lost your New Years fitness fever already.  To keep you going strong I am posting this ab workout schedule (found on pinterst of course!) that will hopefully help keep things fun and fresh. Thank you http://perf-fect tumblr.com for this great plan! Best of all it is attainable but challenging.  Heck, if you do only half of it you are still moving in the right direction!

Let me know  who is up for the challenge and how it goes.  I am hoping to incorporate this into my workouts.  I am also planning on using this great workout guide from Melavond to help me focus my workouts.  If I have a goal in mind it is easier to fill my workout time with continuous exercise without standing around wondering what I want to do next.

This is so do-able!
To get in the groove and get motivated you gotta have the right music, so here are a few of my favorite pandora playlists
to keep you moving!
Christian Rap Radio - clean, Jesus promoting lyrics 
Pop Fitness Radio - great variety of fast paced cardio or dance music, but watch for clean lyrics.
Dance Cardio Radio- Love the motivating beat but can't promise uplifting lyrics.
Grits Radio- Totally clean, godly lyrics with a great hip hop style.
Latin workout- Fun cardio music with a great latin beat. Again, you have to watch for lyrics.
Have a favorite Pandora station or song that really keeps you motivated?  I would love to hear from you guys!


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