Monday, February 20, 2012

Dance Music fit for the kids!

I love to dance, and my kids love to dance.  We crank up the tunes and dance around for a while.  It is a great way to get the wiggles out, burn a few calories (me :) ), or lighten the mood.  However I have been using Pandora a lot lately and picking stations from artists I don't know much about.  Even though I know the song I created the station around is ok I inevitably end up changing the station as profanity, crudeness, or other inappropriate language comes spewing out.

I was just looking for some fun Christ centered music when I got an email from my friend at stilettos and train sets about a group she loves and recommends called xlr8!.  She is sending me a cd that we are excitedly awaiting but in the meantime we immediately went and checked it out and it is a GREAT CD filled with fun, upbeat, dance worthy music that honors Jesus.  Exactly what I was looking for for the kids.  I would much rather here praise coming from my 5 and 7 year olds than "I am sexy and I know it!".  Evidently my son has picked that one up somewhere and needs to replace it with more worthy lyrics!
Xlr8! : Xlr8!
You can listen to a full sample of the CD HERE at, and purchase it as a download there or at itunes under Children's music and the title xlr8.  
Go check it out and download yourself some healthy tunes to dance to with the kiddos!


Megan said...

Hi Kristy, my name is Megan, I'm Liz's sis-in-law and I'm in XLr8! Your CD is in the mail on its way, I really hope you enjoy it...thank you SO much for posting about us on here and for your encouraging words!! said...

Got the CD and we are enjoying it, thanks! Always happy to help out someone with like values. May God bless your journey and may you touch, bless and inspire young people all over the world with your music!