Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tweety treats! Yummy super healthy whole food treats.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!  Hope you all are getting ready to have some fun with friends.  I need to go make some vegetarian taco soup after I get done here before friends start showing up for the game. I posted the recipe for this soup on an earlier post here if you are interested in it.  It feels like far too long since I last posted!  I want be posting 3 times a week so I can cover, health, homeschool, crafts, DIY house projects and life, but that didn't happen this week!  I got busy working in our house (reorganizing and de junking the basement! UGH!!) and trying to order some homeschool curriculum.  Which I found for a much needed  great deal by the way!  YEAH!!!

Anyway, I wanted to share this super yummy recipe I created for "Tweety Treats".
  I made this recipe up while looking for something tasty to make for my kids.  I wanted to incorporate whole foods and avoid sugar, white flour, and processed foods. I came up with these and we LOVE Them! They are so quick and easy you can whip them up before your friends show up for the game today!

 Here is what you need.  
2 cups of millet
2 cups of unsweetened shredded coconut
4 Tbs agave
1/2 cup peanut butter
1-2 Tbs vanilla
pinch of sea salt

Now just mix it all together.  It is way too crumbly to be able to roll into balls so you need to pack it down to make bars.
  I do this by getting a sheet of wax paper or freezer paper and lining a cookie sheet.  Then I pour the mixture on the sheet and use the longer edges of  the freezer paper to pack it down like shown in the picture below.

Once it freezes just cut it up, and you are ready to go!

Now just store in a plastic tupperware as they break up in plastic bags.
I tried to get a photo and Bella jumped in before I got the photo done.  Evidently she likes them!

 They store well in the freezer and you don't need to thaw them to eat them.  Enjoy!
Tell me what you think.  Have any whole food treat recipes to share?  We would love to have them!


Ashley P. said...

where did you find the millet? said...

Hey Ashley! I bought the millet online at vitacost since I get free shipping with $49 orders. Here is a FREE $10 coupon (Totally free!) That should cover you millet and some of your chia seeds :) Health food stores carry millet as well. I just prefer shopping on line to packing all the kids in the van and unpacking them and trying to watch them while I shop. ARGH! ;) said...

FOr the $10 coupon just copy and paste that link into the address bar I posted if it doesn't link straight to the coupon. Happy shopping I love that store I get the BEST deals on supplements (vitamins, herbs, protein powder etc, and healthy groceries like millet, chia seeds, stevia etc...

Sally said...

Have you tried popped Amaranth? We make "treats" like that with Amaranth, but we popped it first. It is sooo good, great nutty flavor, my kids will eat just the popped amaranth as a snack. said...

Sounds great Sally@! How do you pop it or do you buy it that way? YUM!!