Monday, October 17, 2011

Have fun with your hubby!

Sorry it has been a while Since I posted.  I had a crazy week and the weekend was spent with my hubby celebrating our 13 year anniversary! We live several hours from the city so it was fun to have a weekend away in the city.  My parents watched all four of our kiddos over night so we could have Sat and Sun to play in the city.  It was so refreshing!   We went to a movie, out to eat ethnic food, shopped and had a great time just hanging out!  Spending time with your husband or wife as FRIENDS is so important.  You need to laugh together, play together and not just work together managing a family.  I did a post with date ideas called Date night how to make it happen. There are a lot of great ideas there.  This one below was one of my favorites from the list.
One thing I plan to give my husband for Christmas this year is a year of dates. I got this idea from shannon brown.  Great idea Shannon!

To make sure that spending time with your spouse really happens the plan is that you pick 12 activities, like bowling, the movies, overnight at a hotel, the zoo etc,, then you wrap an envelope for every month with the tickets, or brochure etc...  Then you sit down at the beginning of  each month and look at calendars together to pick the date.  That way the date is set and you can arrange babysitting or whatever else you need to arrange so that all month you have that date to look forward to and it actually happens!

 I am so looking forward to this.  With 4 kids and homeschool and a busy life this is a great Christmas gift for hubby that I will really enjoy too.  Even though we all know how important it is to spend time with our spouses sometimes it just doesn't happen but it is just a matter of making the time to schedule it at the beginning of the month.

I will post photos when I get mine all put together but meanwhile I am thinking how fun this will be to pick 12 creative ideas and wrap them in a fun way.

Praise God for parents that babysit and friends you can trust with your children!  What creative ideas do you have for dates with your hubby?  Or what is the most memorable date you have been on since you have been married?


Bekah Barriente said...

That is an awesome suggestion! I like this idea very much! Patrick and i keep planning on planning to set aside a date night but then another month goes by without a date! I am going to use this!

Thanks Kristy! said...

Thanks for your comment Bekah! Hope you guys have fun. It is so important to get to spend time as friends! I hope the job interview goes well I just saw it on fb!

Heather Lynn said...

That is great idea, thank you. Glad you and hubby got a chance to get away, those are always nice.

Marcy Payne said...

I LOVE that idea!! Thank you for sharing. We live in a very small town with limited access to entertainment. This would force us to "think outside the box" and do things we don't normally do. I would have to actually plan instead of just going to the movies b/c that is all there is at the last minute. said...

Heather and Marcy so glad this is helpful. Hope you have a great time! Let me know your out of the box ideas as I could use some too in this small town. The zoo etc ideas are all hours away! Thanks Kristy

Jackie said...

I really love this idea!! You are so right when you mention the importance of not just making the plans to spend the time, but actually following through. This is something lately I've been neglecting with my hubby, only because this little one in here is making it hard for me to want to do ANYTHING at all these days.. lol! I'm gonna remember this one though, and start lining up some babysitters for Nov, when I'm sure I'll be feeling alot better..

and thnx for checking in, btw!!