Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hair, Hair and more Hair ideas!

I was perusing pinterest yesterday  like I usually do when I get a few minutes and saw this great hairdo
 and I knew I had to share it with you guys. The blog is called the small things blog and she has a lot of gret beauty info.  My favorite though is this hair style.  I have not had a chance to master it yet but I am hoping to soon!  She calls this the messy side updo.  I put a few of her photos here so you can see what it looks like.
She has several more photos of this hairdo from different angles and a video tutorial for this hairdo here.
She also has some other great hair tutorials on her blog you will love it so go check it out.

I am surprised how easily it is now days to learn new hair styles and makeup techniques.  I used to be something your mom or friends taught you and if you didn't have stylish friends you were out of luck!  Now none of that matters and you can find anything you want to learn about QUICKLY!! Especially if you have pinterest.  Just got to pinterest (request and invite from me by emailing if you don't already have a free login), and search the word beauty and tutorial or makeup tutorial or look at peoples "boards" titled beauty or hair  etc..  This is where I find all my styles for my hair and daughters hair.

Another great blog FULL of hair tips tricks and styles for African American hair is one called Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care.
Chocolate Hair / Vanilla Care
It is run by an adoptive mother.  It is such a help for me as a mom with an adopted daughter from Vanuatu since I have no experience with black hair.  It is a completely different hair type that requires a new set of skills and tools.

Another hair tip or trick I learned on pinterest is one I LOVE and have blogged about previously called the sock bun. It is basically an EASY simple way to do your hair at night so that in the morning you have beautiful EASY heat free curls.
This is my hair after the sock bun but without any product that would have held a better curl.
Found any other tips or tricks you want to share?  Let us know!
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Marcy Payne said...

Makes me want to grow mine long again. I took a trip to the new hair dresser and it's shorter than ever...sigh! Beautiful hair, btw.

Marcy Payne said...

I have not figured out pintrest yet, but it looks like a good place said...

Thanks Marci! You can request and invite by sending your email address if you are interested in pintereset. It is really a fun way of tracking great ideas or christmas presents etc...