Friday, October 21, 2011

Best audio stories ever FREE Listen online!

When I was a kid I used to listen to these Bible stories that were SO funny called "The Greatest Stories Ever Told".
Dan and Louie : The Greatest Stories Ever Told!  Vol. 6
They are told by a ventriloquist (Dan) and his wooden dummy Louie.  Growing up I had a friend who had all the stories and we would listen for hours while we played.  I recently discovered you can listen to these stories free online!  You can't download them for free but there are pages of them you can listen to free online at Bible Voice.
They make for a very fun informative addition to Bible class for homeschool, a great family devotion at night, or a fun Sat morning routine.  We love listening together then doing a trivia about the story to earn beads towards rewards.

You can also buy them one download at a time, one CD at a time or buy the whole set online at Dan & Louie.  There are 107 stories available!  The kids LOVE them and so do I. :)

Hope you get a chance for some fun Bible time together this week!


PC said...

I'm not a Christian but I do share Bible stories with my kids. This is going to be fun for them and educational at the same time. Thanks for sharing! Love, PC said...

Hope you guys enjoy them! Thanks for visiting~

Ashley P. said...

My kids have listened to two of these already. Had to pause for bath-time. LOVING them! Lots of giggles coming from our home. THANK YOU!!!