Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How to PRINT on fabric with your inkjet printer!

This time of year there are a million and one reasons to, decor, etc.. So I wanted to share some fun tutorials on printing on fabric.  There are so many things you can do with this.  You can even print on paper bags using the same guidelines for fun personalized lunch sacks or birthday or other gift bags.  Another fun thing to do is use this to print on a panel that will go into a quilt to add personal info (make sure to heat seal it with an iron for added durability).  You can also print on a fun patterned fabric and frame with your family's initial and a phrase below for some fun personalized decor or as a gift.  The options are endless so here are the tutorials....

This is a great tutorial that totally lays it all out for you.

How to print on fabric using freezer paper backing from limelady

Here is a great use of printing on fabric...

A tutorial for a burlap laundry sign from domestically-speaking

How to print on fabric with card stock, spray adhesive and fabric with your printer

You can also use this knowledge to help you make sew in tags for gifts you make or other items you sew and sell like modern day moms did.

 She also used this skill to print right onto t shirt material!

If using this info for a washable project please heat set with a hot iron to make sure your ink will last as long as possible.  These projects are done with an ink jet printer, as laser printers do not work for these projects.  Happy printing and crafting!! I am planning on using this in some of my holiday gifts this year!  Let me know what you are gonna make!  I would love to hear some new great ideas.

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