Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sorry I have been AWOL- went camping!

Sorry I haven't posted for a few days!  I am usually a pretty regular every day or so poster, but we took some family time to go camping over Fathers Day weekend.  We headed to the Sand dunes with my parents here in Colorado and then up to my parents land to do some camping and playing.  I will post some photos soon, but of course they are all taken with my iphone since I left my camera in the RV!  That is what happens when you are wrangling 4 kids in windy,sandy conditions,  If you are me anyway.  Oh well. 

We had a great time.  The sand dunes are amazing.  It is like staring at the Mohave desert with out the heat.  It was the strangest sight!  We didn't hike it as the kids just wanted to play in the stream at the bottom and build sandcastles.  I must admit battling the climb to the top with 4 young kids wind and blowing sand in the chilly morning air did not seem like a fun plan.  So the kids had a great time and we enjoyed the family time.  We had a lot of fun riding on my parents side by side (like a Rhino or Razor) on their acreage in the mountains and visiting around the fire pit minus the fire because of all the wildfires we have been having lately. 

What did you guys do for fathers day?

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