Friday, June 24, 2011

The dog days of summer are here!

We have been loving our summer so far!  Camping, riding in the side by side, horseback riding, reorganizing, decluttering, playing in the fountains at the city park, and pool time!  We have switched internet providers and are having some trouble with internet so I am posting less frequent and also enjoying the break from time consuming projects as I play with the kids.  But I will have some fabulous out door projects to share soon!  I am currently working on overhauling a garage full of stuff, reorganizing the unfinished basement which has become a haven for all homeless things and unpacked boxes from our fall move here, and makeing over an old beat  up outdoor furniture set.  When it is all done the result will be fun and dramatic so I will be sure to share.  Thanks loyal readers for your support even thought the posts won't be as frequent as they previously were.  I still looking forward to getting some crafty, creative things done and shared as I get some time.  PS I have a make it yourself yogurt tutorial coming up soon!  Happy summer.  Hope you get outside with your family and make the most of it! 

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