Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Great Freebies! Customizable worksheets for homeschoolers!

Great FREE resource for all levels of hand writing practice in cursive or print, math, geography, puzzles, English language and more!!

For handwriting practise you can trace or copy whatever you type in!  I am using this for memory verses for my kids.  My 2nd grader will copy, meaning he will see it printed above in a large font and have the lines printed out where he copies it, and my 4 year old will trace it.  For tracing it prints it out lightly on a large line sheet like most kindergarten worksheets.  It is a great way to have your little one write letters to family members, practise their cursive or printing, and practise memory verses at the same time!  It has a lot of features like pre writing work sheets, alphabet worksheets, scissor practise worksheets and more.  The best part is that each sheet is customizable! 

For math and geography there are countless sheets as well as puzzles of every kind.  These would be great for roadtrips.  I am looking forward to using this a lot!  Hope you enjoy it!


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