Saturday, June 4, 2011

Being intentional - a non crafty post

I was reading something the other day about being intentional and it was such a good reminder of how important it is to live an intentional life.  I don't want life to just happen.  I want to be involved in the process and make choices that head us in the directions we want to go instead of looking back and wondering how we got where we are.

Where do you want to be in a year, or even at the end of the summer?  Financially, spiritually, in your relationships with  your family and friends, with your health and weight?  what goals do you need to put in place to get there? What does this mean to you?

For me it means adjusting my course to plan my future.  Here are the things I want to be intentional about.

Making memories with the kids this summer:

That means doing meal plans, a daily schedule that includes cleaning in the mornings, and planning my blogging times so my time is freer and not eaten away at.  Being careful with my tongue to be sure to encourage and not fly off the handle and giving more grace.

Financially at peace:
This means staying on my envelope budget system, being content with what I have.  Simplifying.  Doing research for needed 2 for 1 and other coupons.  Selling stuff I don't need.  Not buying what I don't need.

Building my relationships:
Means giving grace at home with hubby and kids.  Making time to play and scheduling in hang out time. Scheduling time to get the home clean and meals done so that the stress of a messy house, dinner or laundry don't intrude into relational time.

Growing deeper in my walk with the Lord:
Means scheduling in my prayer walks early in the morning and quiet times so they actually get accomplished.
Spending time reading the "Daily Bible" so that I can actually attempt the Bible in a year or at least get in good daily reading times.  Making my Fri night Bible study group a priority, and spending time with friends that encourage me in the Lord.

Keeping myself and my family healthy:
Means making sure that I do a meal plan and stay on it so that we are assured of healthy meals.  Making homemade treats like juice pops, sorbet with natural low calorie sweeteners, and healthier cookies so we are not tempted by junk.  Keep junk out of the house.  Scheduling in my exercise time and keeping it so that I can have the body I want that is healthy, I feel good about and in shape for all the kiddo chasing I need to do.  Being aware of the little bites of junk that I put in that I do mindlessly.  Putting out my vitamins for myself a day ahead so that I remember to take them.  This list could go on and on but the last thing I will say is that I will actively choose whole foods and learn new whole food recipes to support our healthy lifestyle.

What are you going to be intentional about?  Write it in the comments.  I would love to hear.  Pleas pray for me in these goals and if you let me know what you are working on I will pray for you.  May "The Joy of the Lord be your strength" as you go into this summer INTENTIONALLY!!


Katie said...

Great post Kristy! At the moment my hubby and I are being intentional about praying for God's plans for our future.After getting married we kind of just started rolling along but not really seeking Him.It's exciting to see where He is leading us!! :)

Everyday Art said...

Great post. We're moving in a week and I feel like it's a fresh start for me, and I want everything to be squared away (finally), which of course might never really happen, but I want my meal plans, excercise time, scripture time, down time, etc. to all flow nicely. I want to include all of it and not be stressed!