Friday, April 8, 2011

Want to save money with grocery coupons but hate the bother?

I love and because you can preload your coupons from the internet onto your safeway card so no paper is ever involved!  Nothing to forget, wreak havok in your purse, or delay you in line!  You just set up an account (easy and fast) and look at the coupons online, and anything that looks interesting you click and it adds it to your card.  Once you have done that you can print or email yourself the shopping list for the coupons you chose.  Then when you are checking out all you do is input your safeway card and they come off automatically!  Pretty painless and you can save quite a bit if you do this regularly. Indicates partner stores for electronic coupons and that printable can be used anywhere
check out to start preloading your safeway card!

Or try for a differant selection of coupons to preload

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