Friday, April 8, 2011

Fast easy healthy breakfast on the run! No more excuses for fast food.

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We love what the kids call "egglish muffins".  They are healthy fast and portable. 
You put one egg into a Tupperware and micro if for around 40 seconds.
 Meanwhile you toast your whole grain English muffin.  Once the egg is done add a piece of cheese if you want on top of the egg to melt while the muffin is toasting.  Then just put it all together and VIOLA! One portable protein filled delicious breakfast.  If you want to make multiples at one time use a micro safe muffin pan for the eggs like a silicone muffin pan.  That way you can make up to 6 at one time.


Rory Mullen said...

i've never microwaved an egg before! in fact, i never knew you could (shows you what i know)! LOL i'm totally going to do this. can you freeze them and then reheat them? my husband would love to be able to take these to work with him each morning, so it would be really easy if he could just grab them from the freezer and go. :-) said...

Haven't tried the freezer. Sometime I will have to try it!