Friday, April 15, 2011

Bellas adoption story (she turns two on Tuesday!)

This is a copy of an old post I did on an old blog I had while we lived in Vanuatu in the South Pacific doing volunteer mission work.  We now reside here in the US and as her birthday is coming up on Tuesday I just wanted to post this to honor the God that put us all together.  What a blessed miracle she is!

We just adopted…BELLA is finally home & we are all in love with her!

Josh and I have felt it on our heart for years to adopt even before we had kids.  We have tried several times to look into different options but before things could go very far it would always fall through.   We know that at the core of Gods heart is a longing and a desire for children to have life, be loved and cared for.  Here is the answer to YEARS of prayer and a life saved!!  Introducing BELLA CHRISTIAN NEELEY born Sunday, April 19, 2009 at 7:11 am 3.52 kilos, or 7.74 lbsIMG_1513
“True religion is this to care for the orphans and the widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world”-James 
I got the call on Sun at 1:45 am that Mary had gone into labor and we (Amanda my friend & I) were to meet her at the hospital.  So I got dressed fast and ran in the dark to my friend Amanda's house down the road a ways to get her.  There was a little confusion and we finally got a hold of the guy who was to take us to the hospital (remember neither of our families have cars, and bus’ don’t run in the middle of the night here unless they are just getting done drinking or coming from a kava bar (not good if you are the one getting a ride!).  We had woken him up and it turns out he went right back to sleep! So an hour later we figured out what happened and had to wake Amanda’s husband  Jeff (you can’t go out as a girl with out a guy in the  middle of the night for safety reasons.)  Then we had to pray for a Taxi cause it was the middle of the night and just as I prayed one showed up (we had only seen two vehicles period in the last hour we had been there!)!
Finally after much waiting and praying Little Bella was born at 7 am!  
IMG_1516This photo is of when she was only 20 min old!  Pre bath.  I was the very first person to touch her after delivery except for the nurse who delivered her!  She was under a heat lamp crying while the nurse attended to Mary (birth mother) and I was able to touch her and soothe her.  I was even able to give her her first bath !IMG_1514
The kids and Josh came as soon as they were allowed at about 8:30 on their way to church which happens to be right behind the hospital.  They were all so excited to meet her!
Notice the falling off diaper! Dahlia was crying cause all She got to hold were Bella’s feet.  Pierce and Dahlia just love having a little sister.  Dahlia keeps tugging on my pants saying “I can’t see my baby” when I am holding her. 
This morning she got out of bed saying “Ours baby! Ours baby!”  Like where is our baby?  Usually she yells “mama” and waits for me to get her out of bed.  Unfortunately at this point Bella much prefers if Josh or I hold her…Don’t know why :) 
This is the brave lady who gave Bella to us.  She is sitting with her daughter on her left and her sister on her right.  She is 36 and is not married, and the father is long gone.  Her parents are not willing to take another of her children as they have raised the other kids (the girl above 18 and two boys 7 and 10).  She knew we were her answer to prayer as to what to do concerning the baby.STA_1519
Giving the baby up was hard for her to do even though she had planned it for months.  It was a bit emotional at the actual passing over when she got off the bus before us.  She didn’t say anything and I croaked out an awkward “Thank you, thank you” not knowing what else to say.  I am pretty sure she didn’t see me crying as I received the baby from her sister who was with her cause she wouldn’t look at me.  I think she was trying not to let me see her emotions.  I  wrote her a letter and stuck it in her bag at the hospital.  I just wanted to go beyond the language barrier and say that we were honored and thanked her for choosing life for our now daughter.  I reminded her that the love we feel for this baby is the same love God has for us (including her) as He says in the Bible he has “adopted” us in to His family.  I continued to tell her that God has a plan for her life and for Bella's life and that we were blessed to be a part of it.  I also reminded her that God brings the best out of a very bad situation and that this was exactly that.  We have asked her to write a letter to  Bella telling her why she choose to relinquish her to us and that it was not because she didn’t love her…  I hope that she will do that for Bella's sake and for hers. 
We find it amazing that somehow God arranged it all to go so smoothly.  What a blessing little Bella is to us.  Truly Gods gift to us.


Rory Mullen said...

thanks so much for reposting this, i'm so glad i got a chance to learn of bella's journey to your family. God's fingerprints are all over that story!

TracyAnn said...

This is just so wonderful! Are you still in touch with Bella's bio mother at all? I have long had it on my heart to adopt as well, and my heart is drawn to the children in the orphanages of Eastern Russia. It seems out of my reach right now, but I know that if God wants it to happen, he'll open the doors. Thank you for sharing!

Tracy said...

Thanks for your interest guys. I think adoption is the most AMAZING thing in the world, and even though we have 4 kids now we haven't ruled it out in the future. I wish I was in contact with her mom but she was hard to get a hold of even when we lived there. Now it is impossible. Last time I found her I had to literally drive and walk all over the jungle and I found her brother who tracked her down. She doesn't have a permanent address or phone number or email. I was just thinking of contacting someone there I know and sending photos by email in case someone could pass them on if they see her. Pretty tricky though.... Love your comments. God has so blessed us with little Bella.