Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Favorite quick and easy dinner- Quinoa and black bean tostadas

I LOVE these tostadas and my meat loving husband loves them as well!  Quick, super nutritious, easy, delicious, and cheap!  I boil 1 cup quinoa (you can find this in a health food store or online) in 2 cups water with at little bouillon (2 tsp) until cooked.  If you want you can add some chopped up onion and or garlic at this stage to boil with the quinoa.  That only takes about 15-20 minutes.  Then I add a rinsed can of black beans.  Shred cheese, chop onions and tomatoes and toast corn tortillas in the toaster or broiler, but watch as they burn FAST!  Now all you do is layer the quinoa bean mixture, cheese, onion , tomato, on a toasted corn tortilla and top with salsa and sour cream!  YUMMY!!

Quinoa is what is known as an ancient grain.  These grains are known for their high nutritional content.  It is great because kids like it, it has a mild nutty flavor, is easy to use as it works like a substitute for brown rice, and cooks very fast.  It is also very high in protein and other nutrients.  Give it a try!  It is a great way to add more nutrients to your meals easily.

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