Monday, April 11, 2011

Check out this great tutorial for a cute chore chart (not a plain paper one)

I love this chore chart from April at her awesome blog since it is so cute!  No more messy papers on the fridge.   I love that you can tailor it to fit your decor with whatever fabric you have, and it is still fun for the kids to get to move their chore slips.  If you do one let me see a photo in the comments.  When I get around to doing mine I will post a photo.
decor friendly chore chart


Bacon Writer said...

Kristy! So happy to find your blog... I didn't realize it was up and running already! Way to go! :) Love it and will be back for more, Amanda B said...

Thanks Amanda! Do you have a blog button? I love all your inspired posts. I am not a writer that is for sure so I really appreciate all the Godly wisdom on your blog and would love to pass it on! PS how do I make a blog button? Thanks Kristy