Monday, September 17, 2012

September is National Sewing Month celebrate with .99 shipping and coupons for Jo-Ann fabric online & in store!

September is national sewing month.  I love the change of season and the cooler weather that lets me feel like I can sew again.  Something about the heat and all the fun places in to go in summer keeps me from sewing much.  I did tear apart my desk and relocate it for a homeschool area downstairs so I am waiting to put my new counters in.  It is taking me far too long to do it but they should give me the space I need to sew and leave projects where I can sew a little at a time without having to put it all away every time!
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If you are new to sewing check out "Sewing Made Simple" at with new projects everyday during September.

99cent Shipping

While you are there celebrate National Sewing Month with this savings code for Jo-Ann fabric that gives you .99 shipping using promo code UAS262 !  Better get on it if you want the cheap shipping as that code expires Sept. 18th.  This is of course good for scrapbookers too!  
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Even if you are not big on sewing but are thinking of halloween costumes this shipping deal and sale should come in handy.  You will also find a huge "coupon commotion" with tons of 50% off coupons good in store and online!  I am planning on picking upa few things with a gift card I have been saving.  I don't have a Jo-Ann locally so I was waiting for a great deal on shipping, and here is my chance!  Happy crafting!  Hope you are enjoying the changing seasons.

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