Monday, September 10, 2012

Back in the swing of homeschool!

It has been a crazy few weeks!We got back from a family camping/RV trip in Colorado just in time to jump right into homeschool.  We had some home projects that needed attending to as well before we could get going.  It has been busy figuring out a new schedule with a brand new curriculum this year for homeschooling the older two while entertaining the younger two.  Meanwhile we harvested some apples that needed processing (think apple pie filling, and apple butter), had some family in town and tried to get the house and homeschool space more organized before the school year started.  Recipe for the apple butter to come soon!

Needless to say blogging had to take a back seat while I got down to business with all of that stuff.  I am happy to say that we are now up and running smoothly in the homeschool department.  It is busy and full on, but we are enjoying it.
Exploring Countries and Cultures Deluxe PackageWe chose My Father's World for our curriculum and are doing the first grade and Exploring Countries and Cultures for my older two.  They are really enjoying it and I am enjoying how much the curriculum really focus' on Christ.  We are learning a slew of Bible verses, godly principles, and learning to appreciate and love others in the great big world all around us.

I have to show you all how our camper turned out! Before we took our '83 Toyota Dolphin RV out on our family vacation we redid the cushions, curtains, floor, paint, etc...  We love it now!  It was a whole lotta ugly before!  The price was so good we bought it with only 23,000 original miles, but a hideous interior.  We figured fixing it up would be easier than fixing the engine and cheaper than a newer one.  Can't wait to show you the photos!

I also have some recipe ideas coming your way!  We have been LOVING all these apples we have been picking from our friends tree.  I am thinking of making apples muffins tomorow, processing more for pie and crisp filling, storing some away to snack on and canning some for future use!



Honeybee said...

I'd like to homeschool my kids but i am concern about the development of their social skills. My daughter is very shy kind of kid and i register her to public school so she will meet other kids and therefor will learn to socialize with other people. I am actually have very limited knowledge about homeschooling. How do homeschooler improve their social skills? said...

I actually love homeschool for that very reason of socialization. They can socialize with people that you want them to be around and learn from rather than just whoever happens to go to that school. We joined a local homeschool group that meets weekly and we socialize there as well as at church, in external activities like summer art club, dance class, and at the park with friends we call to come join us or kids playing there. Socialization comes natural. Sometimes for shier kids it can be nice to socialize in smaller groups or groups where you are there as well since that takes some of the scary part out of it knowing you are there. There are cub scouts, girl scouts, church groups, vacation Bible schools, 4-H and all sorts of groups like that where children can socialize. I wish you luck. I am sure you would make a great homeschool mom!