Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Great lunch box printables for National Encouragement Day!

Just wanted to remind you all that National Encouragement Day is tomorrow Wednesday September 12th.  This a great time to let your kiddos know how much you appreciate them and leave an encouraging note!  Homeschooling?  Leave a note on their desk or by their place at the table.   Sending you kids to school? Drop a cute little note in their lunch box.  Throw a note in the mail to a friend or family member.
I found some great little printables for loved ones young or old!  Your hubby would probably appreciate a cute little note in his lunch too.  So check these out and print some off and be ready with a quick little dose of encouragement. 
These are my favorite!  Print them off from get buttoned up

Found these little lovelies here at paper coterie,  Hope you enjoy them!

How about these cute little notes from moms by heart

Even if you don't have a printer or can't get these printed for whatever reason make sure to jot a sweet little note of encouragement to the ones you love!  A 3x5 card with a cute sticker and a sweet note will do the trick!