Thursday, July 19, 2012

How do you greet your spouse? Love dare day 9

Love makes a good impression.  This dare was actually a few days ago but it is one that really stood out.  You can and should find the whole dare here at K love under Dare day 9.  It is something simple that makes a big difference.  When you treat your spouse well you are treating yourself well and a simple cheerful greeting is such a pleasant and simple gesture.  Wouldn't you like to be greeted cheerfully when your spouse sees you.  A simple kind greeting says "I love you, you make me smile".  It can make all the difference evening of tired grumpy conversation based on whose day was worse or a chance to appreciate each other and feel joy.  I can't promise they will always respond in kind, but your heart notices the difference and joy in the little things is a much better state of being than choosing to stay tired and grumpy.
 This one hit home because it is very doable and I could improve in this.  When Josh gets home I probably usually look tired.  Pretty easy to just make the effort to smile and show them we are excited to see them.  I love my husband and I may have had a rough day but it will improve both our days if I can choose to make the effort to show him that I love him and am happy to see him.  I hope this little tidbit can encourage you today :)


Ashley P. said...

Agreed! I think just making the CONSCIENCE effort to "die to oneself" with our words (or lack there of if you're me) is a beautiful piece of marriage. If I'm tired or grouchy, I'm quiet. If I push through the meanies and say kind words, my whole home flourishes. Thanks for the daily reminders. You are precious and loved. :) said...

SO true! How is your dare going? Love you! Kristy