Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Trying out some Annie Sloan chalk paint on our RV cabinets!

The first day of summer arrived with a slightly cooler day, and a perfect opportunity to try out my new Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  If you haven't heard of Annie Sloan paint it is an amazing (and amazingly expensive!) paint that requires NO SANDING, NO PRIMING, NO PREP!!!  It is also low VOC, and water based for easier cleanup and a greener product all around.

You read it right... NO PREP WORK.  It adheres to metal, laminate, you name it!  It is only carried by special retailers in select cities so it is pretty hard to get your hands on.  My mom had tracked down a supplier in Monument Colorado Shades of Amber .. where we got a few colors to try.   They have a great store and are full of wonderful tips.  They have an online store as well.  Below is their ultimate chalk paint kit for sale online for $195.  A quart costs $37.  An investment for sure, but for my project well worth it.Ultimate Chalk Paint Kit
My mom came over to help and I enlisted a babysitter to watch my 4 munchkins.  We only got about halfway through the project so no pictures yet, but they will come.  It was fun trying out a few techniques (whitewash, distressing, dry brushing), and it is so exciting to think what the inside of my '83 Toyota Dolphin RV will look like when we are done!  The cabinet paint job is just the start.  We have some laminate flooring, fabric, bead board, paint, and a few other bits and pieces coming to make over our RV currently decorated in "early ugly".  We started with the cabinets as a Father's Day gift for my husband who said "I am not sanding all those cabinets down!".  And with a little chalk paint it is true..he won't have to!  It is being done on a dime.  So far the only splurge has been this paint, but we have used less than one quart and with all the time and prep it has saved us it is well worth it.  The paint does go far.  I will keep you posted as to how it is coming!


Bryn @ Away at Home Mom said...

searching for updates now! I'm intrigued by this as painting our RV walls (that we live in fulltime) is very intimidating! said...

Sorry I need to update that! I did do it and the RV came out GREAT! I will try to get those photos and an update posted soon!

Christy said...

Can you tell us how it held up? Did you poly instead of wax? I want to do my cabinets but am afraid it won't hold up to the traffic in and out.